You've found the redesigned Endurasoft site! This site is a way for me, Kenn Scribner, to provide you with additional information regarding my written works, provide free software and articles for download, and even provide (albeit infrequent) RSS feed information. If you'd like to know more about me and what I can do for you, click here.

Most of this free information you'll find on my educational page, so feel free to have a look. I try to respond to each e-mail from readers, but given the amount of spam I receive (and that you no doubt receive), I can't guarantee that your first attempt to contact me won't result in my deleting the note. Be sure to put something Windows programming-related in the subject line. (Even then I usually check before opening.)

If you've received spam from Endurasoft, believe me I didn't send it and I don't condone it. There is a technique known as spoofing that someone is using to proliferate spam using my domain name. So far it has been for stock quotes, thank goodness.  But you have my deepest apology for the unwarranted e-mail..!

Something that is fun is my Nerd Score (98%). How about that. I'm sure I achieved it by knowing that assembly language isn't a programming language (because I love assembly language programming) and that my favorite calculator is an RPN-based HP-24 graphing calculator. Oh, and I have some explosive history with chemistry.'s out of the bag. Ask me sometime about vapor cannons...


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  • MFC Programming with Visual C++ 6.0 Unleashed
  • Teach Yourself ATL Programming in 21 Days
  • Understanding SOAP
  • Applied SOAP: Implementing .NET XML Web Services
  • Windows Workflow Foundation, Step by Step

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